Tuesday, October 25, 2005

20 things about me

owen tagged me on this so here goes....

1. I love to play video games
2. I don't eat okra... dont ask me why, i just dont like it
3. I like to travel for a short period
4. I have a Type B blood. as in "BUGHAW"
5. I am a Filipino...and proud of being one.
6. I am working in Makati.
7. I am a graphic and layout artist
8. I have a fetish on boobs, dindt all we guys...
9. I dont drink brandy, whisky and gin
10. Im a Harry Potter fan.
11. I love my wife and daugther.
12. I consider Japanese cuisine healthy.
13. I am one of the many captured market of PC games and Sony
14. I still have a reprint version of the 1st superman comics.
15. I love to draw...but still not so good at it.
16. I love singing.
17. I like to upgrade my PC
18. I like to get a PS2 on my birthday
19. I hated Math.
20. I want to get that graphire pad....

Huh.... that was a quick 6 minutes.

geez my list is short... pwede na ba apat

most all WATSON....


watson said...

Yipee thanks G for not tagging me. I'm sooo poor at responding to tags and tagging.

You didn't add nice companion to Raon :-).

G said...

look again.... he he he.... ha the raon escapade he he he...

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

uy, bakit parang may secret rendezvous kayo ni nick? hmmmmm.....

Owen FV said...

thanks for being sport mate!

and ur a Harry Potter fan too eh, Id love to be Draco Malfoy!

meowok said...

you like to sing? di pa kita naririnig a! videoke EB!

G said...

ha ha ha.. pag nag concert ang P3, hear me rock he he he...

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

pa update naman ng blog