Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ramadan a Test of Faith

Today marks the first day of the month long fasting in the muslim communities and countries known as the month of Ramadan. Fasting during the month of Ramadan is the one of the pillars of Islam, the other four includes the Shahadah (Tentimonial), "Salah" (5 obligatory prayers), "Zakah" (giving alms or charity) and the "Hadj" (Pilgrimage to Mecca). There is no fixed month for the month of Ramadan it can be celebrated as early as January and as late as December, because the Islamic calendar is based in the Lunar calendar. How do you know when to start fasting? it is when the cresent of the moon is visible over the horizon is the sign the first day and on its next cresent is where the fasting ends.
During this month, muslims fast during the day they are not allowed to take any food or drink water, not even a piece as small as salt is not allowed to be swallowed. aside from food and drink all earthly activities are prohibited. How can muslims survive for almost a month if you are not allowed to these things? Of course we cant survive, that why is was only prohibited during the day, and just before the sun sets, a muslim in fasting is allowed to break his fast, hence the word "breakfast", having 2 pieces of date fruit and a glass of milk to break his fasting. During the night all that is prohibited at daytime are allowed before the sun rises. In muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Indonesia... stores and shopping malls are closed during the day and opens all night long. I see, so what is the reason for fasting? It is so ordered by Allah (God) that during these times one is tested in his faith to Allah, because here it doenst matter if you fast or not, because your salvation is your responsibility, you can hide to your fellow men but not in the eyes of God for "Allah knows all things the seen and the unseen"... Truly the Holy Month of Ramadan is a Test of Faith.


Owen FV said...

Having been living/working with Muslims here in Singapore, I can attest to the sacrifices they had to undergo during this holy month.

Ako nga, nagrereklamo na sa abstinence during Fridays of lent, what more of a month-long fasting. hmmm... i salute them!

igor said...

Buti di kasama blogging at internet usage sa fasting, G. :D

G said...

information dissemination naman e, ika nga "spread the word". :D

Owen FV said...

hey G! been a while.

btw, ur tagged! :)

G said...

tagged? of what?