Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Im baaaack!!!!!!

hello boys and girls! G is back...

It been decades since my lasy blog. so whats happend in these past few years in my life? well... a lot! but i will never gonna tell you all about it he he he.. its not that i been out of the country because i have'nt been out. really! Its just i ran out things to say.

So, what up with our digital fish been doin? well, last year i finally opened a small computer and internet shop here in our place. Very humble little shack down the corner with just 5 workstations and a server. Been subcribing to wireless internet then (till now) with just 384 kbps of bandwidth... for starters its pretty okay... my customers can decently browse the web and download files... well cept for really big files of course (and torrents too). as days gone by i notice that some of my neighbors have subscribed to Wireless internet also...right now where my shop is there are 3 to 4 houses have wireless internet. Wireless Internet technology uses cellsites to transmit digital signals to receive such signal a antenna like device of canopy is installed. in short is like having your cellphone act like a modem to receive internet service... well anyways.. lets cut to the chase... since were many now using wifi internet my shop is experiencing bandwidth shortage.

Now, a roaming agent from Digitel offered for same monthly fee a 512kbps bandwidth broadband internet service and a free phone... well enticing right? all they have to do is switch? and within 3 to 4 days I'll be enjoying my new high speed signal... guess what??? its been 4 week already and i been calling theig service center to inform me of what going on... all they can say is that my account is ready for activation well that their call center says.. but what i can get from call centers is just standard answers... so I insist for a "sup-call" I demanded that the their c service center must make a return call to me.. man!!! im waiting for 4 weeks and not a single screw had been installed in my place... geez i was pissed!!! then i received a call from Digitels local service office and told me that they have a mojor cable problem in our area... what do you mean by major cable problem? i asked. I found out that they have no facility to accomodate such service in our area bvecause their fiber optic cables have been stolen. thats when i started to reaaly pissed. What!!!! the hell with you. I've waited four weeks for nothing??? all they can really do is refund my deposit... Damn!!!!

So now, im still stuck with the old wifi internet waiting for high speed salvation that is broadband...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My daugther

since i started blogging, i never posted pictures of my child... well here goes, this are for my on-line blogging friends...

this was taken a year ago, before christmas...

this is during our office christmas party...

Daddy and Mina

My wife and mina

more pics next time...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns - A Review

ok I managed to get ticket for the first day showing of Superman Returns without even lifting a finger (lucky me!). I just read some of the reviews, specially the negative ones and for cryin out loud... they were just expectations of punks who wanted the movie turn out according to their taste... well life is indeed unfair.... fortunately there were more good reviews than bad. so still the good thriumps against evil.

For my review. Brandan Routh though is not as dahing than Christopher Reeve indeed do justice as the Man of Steel. He carries the comic icon pretty well and sounde like Reeve at times. Kate Bosworth maybe a little soft as Lois Lane did a pretty well job. and as for Kevin Spacey hah... anyone who doesnt know the actor will easily mistaken him to be Gene Hackman, he truely has a striking similarity to Gene Hackman who plays as Lex Luthor.

As for the movie, any true blue Superman fan will get nostalgic as staring film starts and the famous fly-by ending. honestly my tears almost fall for joy as the names of the actors are flashing by the screen, together with the original music score... haaayyy what a night indeed. you wont even notice that this film runs for about 2 hours and 40 min....the flight scences are so seemless... oh well before i started to blow out some spoilers... i'll end this short review.... but for one thing you wont be dissapointed.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


take look at this... I just took this picture this morning... its so nice to see a rainbow in the sky. Not only it pretty to stare into but its also warms your heart. Also i started practicing taking pictures of anything with my camera phone, finally I got hold of a data cable, so i can now transfer photos from my phone into the computer... this wont be the last... might be able to update this more often now...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Superman Returns

the countdown starts for the worldwide showing of Superman Returns, starring Cristopher Reeve look alike Brandon Routh... and Directed by Brian Singer (X-Men and X2), The new Man of Steel will be wield a new redesingned S shield embossed NOT PRINTED on the costume which is also redesigned but still had its classic look. also his belt buckle is similar to his shield. If first time i saw his interview in HBO's Red Carpet, I was suprised that he didnt just looks like Reeve but also talk and speak like Reeve.. Imagine if they stand along side one think that they are father and son... Recently Brandon got a blessing from Reeve wife saying that "He will be a good replacement for his husband as Superman."

Hey people if theres a premiere of the movie please please count me in... I wouldn't want to miss it... ever.... 2 tickets please... he he he

Monday, April 10, 2006

Move over Gates... Hello Tux

hey gorilla you're not the only one who playing with Linux.... I too been playing with Linux system for quite some time now... as for you who's having a migraine by using Windows, cure it with open source... its stable, fast and secure... i say its stable because not of its applications crash, I still haven't encountered one yet if there is one... its fast because linux uses only 128MB of system memory and additional 256MB hard disk space for its cache. the whole operating system including its Open Office Suite and some cool applications takes only 4GB. its secure because most if not all virus is written for Windows. The only downside is that you can't play games with Linux since most PC games are designed to run in Windows but this doesn't mean you can play games anymore in Open Source. Although Linux distributions are available for free, a plug-in called Win-X or Wine is needed so you can play Windows games in Linux is available via subscription. Some of the features I like with this OS is its screen savers and its cool wallpapers... take a look of some of my downloads... enjoy looking...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


In relation to Meowoks' post is being a "jologs" a good or a bad thing? What does the word "jologs" mean? I forst encountered the word back in 2001 when we have these trainees. They use the word to one who is or done something that is ridiculous, usually people tends to laugh but sometimes irritating. Like meowok said, may sign na nga na bawal magkalat, nagkakalat pa rin. so they would respond "jologs kasi!!!", or its much closer meaning nowadays "PASAWAY". Its funny when one of the respected TV station in country would actually making this novelty street word into a dictionary entry by searching the words real meaning. The even interviewed people who are so called "social-experts" and "linguist" just to popularize the word "jologs". A dedicated TV show is been created to senationalize the word.... for God sake don't hey know that they actually teaching our children using what our parents called "salitang kanto". Attention MTRCB and DepEd!!! please do what the people paid you to do... They already mess up the Alpabetong Pilipino by incorporating foreign letters and now they messing up our grammar... would you like to hear our child answering you like this when you asked where he/she went "sa chuva po malapit sa school." If we are really like to uplift out intellects