Sunday, May 07, 2006

Superman Returns

the countdown starts for the worldwide showing of Superman Returns, starring Cristopher Reeve look alike Brandon Routh... and Directed by Brian Singer (X-Men and X2), The new Man of Steel will be wield a new redesingned S shield embossed NOT PRINTED on the costume which is also redesigned but still had its classic look. also his belt buckle is similar to his shield. If first time i saw his interview in HBO's Red Carpet, I was suprised that he didnt just looks like Reeve but also talk and speak like Reeve.. Imagine if they stand along side one think that they are father and son... Recently Brandon got a blessing from Reeve wife saying that "He will be a good replacement for his husband as Superman."

Hey people if theres a premiere of the movie please please count me in... I wouldn't want to miss it... ever.... 2 tickets please... he he he


watson said...

para sa akin yung isang ticket, bespren?

meowok said...

aba, ihingi mo na dn kami ng extra tickets para superman EB na yan!

G said...

geez... baka naman pwede magawan ng paraan nyan....wala bang mamimigay ng tickets dyan please, please.... pawang awa nyo na!!!

Owen FV said...

ang dami nang dapat panoorin na movies ah. mamayang gabi is for X-men 3.

enjoy jan sa pinas kase parating may mga premiere showing. good luck sa search ng tickets.